Easy Trick to Glitter and Polish Removing

It’s easy to apply glitter and nail polish onto your nails but removing it is also required. Have a look at the following steps in order to remove glitter nail polish from your nails.

Using foil or rubber bands-things that you require here are a foil sheet, cotton ball, rubber bands and a nail polish remover.

After that dip your cotton ball in some nail polish remover. If you do not have remover make use of acetone.

Place the saturated cotton ball onto your finger nails and start removing the glitter.

You can wrap your fingernail with the cotton ball on it with a foil sheet and put rubber bands onto it. Let the remover get soaked into the paint.

After a few minutes the glitter and the polish will loosen up and will start falling apart.

Undo the foil from the fingernails and then let the glitter and polish be removed from them.

This is an easy trick in which your glitter as well as the nail polish will stick out easily from your fingernails without much problem. Now you can apply glitter and any nail paint of your choice without any fear.

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