Intense Look for Glorious Night - Eye Makeup

To make your eyes look glamorous and intense for that perfect night out you can wear eye makeup and achieve smoky eyes in just a few steps. To begin with make use of a primer on your face after which use a matching colored eye liner or a cream colored eye shadow. Blend the same to your eyes. You can also make use of a white colored liner underneath your eyes in-case you wish to use a pastel or a light colored shade. In-case of white eye shadow or highlight. If you want a smoky look then apply a black colored eye liner underneath any dark shade in order to make it look even more intense.

If you wish to use natural shades then blend it with your skin colour and then you do not require to apply anything underneath your eyes. Application of eye shadow is primarily essential. Use it wet and leave it to dry off. This is a hot tip of the day. Your eyes will appear very intense by doing this. You can put a bit of water. This kind of an eye makeup will definitely make you look beautiful and your eyes will look no less that wow.

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