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A Three-Month-Old Baby was Left Blind in One Eye After a Family Friend Took his Picture

All babies are sweet. But here a shocking tragedy has been happen with this cute boy.A baby boy has been left blind in one eye after a family friend took a close-up photograph without turning off the flash. According to Peoples this three-month-old baby, has lost his eye from the flash of the camera, which was held about 10 inches away from the baby boy.
The parents were said to have noticed that there was something wrong with their baby’s vision soon after the photograph was taken.

There is nothing wrong with taking a baby's picture, but parents should be careful because the flash from the camera or any mobile phone can harm infant's eyes.

So parents please take care of your child every time, even when your babies are taking bath because strong bathroom lights and strong bath products also create problems to your babies eyes.Be careful.
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See The 10 Most Hilarious Facts About Women You Need To Know

We are here to give you the best post on how to understand women?

Women are complex, beautiful creatures, and here are some hilarious ways to try and understand them.Enjoy and what's most important is boys have less emotions in their dreams than the female lot. So see our this post and understand the women properly.

Must See : She Thought She Was Pregnant, But What The Doctors Found Instead was Heartbreaking!

Her baby turned out to be something else.This was actually a huge tumor, weighing an astounding 11 lbs.The doctors have never seen a tumor that big and in that location.

The doctors perform a complicated surgery to remove the huge tumor from her abdomen. It took several hours to perform the surgery. This is definitely one of the biggest tumors ever.

This Woman Was Stabbed in Face 32 Times Gets Proposed By The Person Who Saved Her

Here is Melissa at 20-years-old right before her boyfriend tried to kill her by stabbing her 32 times.

Melissa made a miraculous recovery.

Melissa’s best friend Kayla was by her side the entire time.

She went through several reconstructive surgeries.

Even her faithful pooch Dixie was by her side the whole time.

Later on in her recovery she went to a church event and that was where she met her hero.

By 2013, Melissa and Cameron were in love!

Melissa fought for her life and now fights to bring awareness to others about domestic violence.

Her ex-boyfriend is in prison for first-degree murder.

Melissa had no idea Cameron was there with a huge surprise.

Then Cameron jogged onto the field and asked her to marry him.

Of course you know what her answer was.

This is a dream come true for Melissa.

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