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Zombies and Vampire Nail Art Tutorial

Everyone wants a new nail art or we can say that the different nail art.We are always here to provide you the best nail art designs.Mail art is really in trend these days and the girls who are funky wants funky nail art's so we are here to show you the different look nail art. Today we show you the new nail art "The Zombies and Vampire Nail Art".It looks really amazing on nails you feel like a zombie when you make it on your nails.Just follow the simple steps given below. It looks difficult but when you see our step by step tutorial you will really have fun to create this nail art on your nails. Take a look:
1. Apply a base coat use green and cream color on nails alternatively.
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Apple Nail Polish Step By Step

When you are planning for your next Nail art design Then you are the only one who can decide what to do with nails. Today's trends require the nail art which looks fruity, and want to have on your nails, And it will be quite fun and interesting to paint the Red lovely Apple on your nails. Apple nails can be draw with red polish, which is being able to make them very popular and welcomed among young girls.See the step by step tutorial of this gorgeous nail art below. Take a look:

You Will Need:-
White, Black and red color polish
Thin Outlining Brush
Dotting tool
Top Coat

1. Apply a base coat.
2. Apply a white color polish on the upper part of your nails as pictured.
3. Then draw a apple shape using black color on the left side of your nail.
4. Fill the apple shape with red color polish.
5. Make a half circle arrow and a branch of apple with black color polish.Fill it with green color polish as shown in picture.
6. Draw a Half moon shape design on apple with using white color polish and Apply dots on the left side part outside apple.
7. Seal the nail art with top coat for smoothness.

Neons Interlocking Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Summer is start and one trend we can't escape is neon. Neon is the way to go for summer, there are so many nail art designs of neon colors. You can create some fun designs or keep it simple. We all love the neon color and it looks so great with a on your nails. See this neon nail design it could be a perfect choice for you.Take a look:


1. Apply base coat. Apply alternate colors on nails.

2. Apply your contrast color to the top half of the nail as shown in picture.

3. Use a dotting tool to apply dots. Use base color to draw dots along the upper side of the line you created. Try to draw dots just slightly
overlapping the line as pictured. Add additional dots to the upper half of the nail.

4. Add dots on the lower part of the nails also.

5. Wait 15-20 minutes for your dots to dry completely.

6. After that apply top coat.

Super Easy 5 Minute Nail Art - Tutorial

Nail art really in trend these days. Most of the girls want's different nail art designs. Some girl's have no time to do nail art may they are busy in their work or any other reason. But today we have solution of this problem, We show you the tutorial of Super Easy 5 Minute Nail Art which is very easy to create and very less time consuming.This is best for all which have no time and for the beginners also. No special skills or tools required.Another great thing about this nail design is that it can be done in any colour you like.Try this and have fun. Take a look:

You Will Need:-
Pink shiny nail polish
Black and white nail polish
A dotting tool
Top coat

1. Apply a base coat.Remember that the base coat you used must be shiny to more nice look.
2. After that use a dotting tool and draw dots of white color polish on nails as shown in pictures.
3. Draw same size dots but this time the color is black as pictured.
4. Let it dry completely, taking around 5 minutes then seal your Nail Art by applying a fast dry top coat. You are done.

Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle - Tutorial

The very popular Ponytail hairstyle - "Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle".This tutorial will show you how to create the bubble ponytail which was a very trendy and popular hairstyle in the 80's and 90's.Even at this time also this is popular and demanding by so many girls.It’s a perfect style for school days.Because every girl wants that their hairs not fall out for them this is best. You can play all day and your hair will look the same.The bubble ponytail is looks good in long hair, but is still possible to do in shorter hair as well. Try this hairstyle for fun. Take a look:


1. Start back combing your hair.

2. Now start teasing your hair to create as much volume as possible.

3. Use a clear elastic hair band to pull your hair into a low ponytail.

4. Again teas your ponytail.And Use a clear elastic hair tie to secure the upper then middle section of your ponytail as pictured.

5. Use a clear elastic hair tie to secure the middle of your hair.Leave a good amount of hair on the bottom.

6. Use a clear elastic hair tie in the bottom in order to create the separated poofs.

7. For more nice look use hairspray.

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