Hairstyle Idea For a Glamorous Weekend Night

Well to begin with if you are heading towards a glamorous weekend night then look out for the following hairstyle ideas that you must try out and that can happen to suit you the most-

Soft blowout effect- shampoo your hair and then apply a good quality conditioner so that your hair looks conditioned. You can then leave it to dry. After that blow dry your hair with soft bouncy look. You will appear to look beautiful.

Wavy lob- apply curls to your hair with the help of waving rods or curlers. After its application your hair will turn into wavy lobs. You will look just glamorous enough for the perfect weekend night out. Make sure you wear a bright colored lip stick too.

Big, glossy waves- hold the heating rod one inch on the lower part of your hair. They will look wavy and curly on the lower part while the above part of the hair will still look straight. You can mix and match hair pins or bobby pins to secure the hair which will fall from the forehead. In this hairstyle you will look cool and stunning at the same time.

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