The Best Idea in 5 Minutes Bridal Bun - Step By Step

Creating bun can take your lot more efforts and time involved but here in this tutorial as we are covering making bridal bun in less than 5 minutes of duration. Considering you an absolute beginner we will be taking you step by step. Here we will go making the two pony tails first and then place them accordingly.

Make two pony tails one at the top and one just in the middle just over your neck.

Tie the hair along using the elastic rubber band.

Now take the top ponytail and pass it below the lower on and then take it to top so as to making a complete round around it.

Fix it using the hair clip.

Now pick the lower one and pass it creating the loop with the upper one.

The same way you need to put hair clips to keep the hairs in place.

Now if you are having small tail leaving behind then hide it within the bunch.

Your unique way bun is ready and I hope I have not gone beyond the 5 minutes time creating this.

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