Suitable Soft Colors for Bigger Looking Eyes

If you are having big eyes and find it difficult to choose the perfect make up style to choose so as to look more gorgeous and beautiful. When it comes to eye makeup, it mostly depends on our choice of colors we have opted. Today we will guide you to decorate your beautiful eyes to look even more gracious and wonderful.

Using the eyeliner prepare an outline of your eyes. Just create lines around your lash lines.

The outline will create the drawing area for the upper lash line.

Now fill in the area with the skin matching color so as to tune with the glow.

Make it dark around the corners outside.

Now using the white pencil, give the white shade to the lower lash line.

Now at the spark with some glitter on the upper lash line.

Give your eye lashes the curl, upside for the upper and downside for the lower lash.

You bigger beautiful eyes are now glittering even more shiny and gorgeous. Now next time you thought of preparing your eyes, give this a try and you will be pretty impressed with the look.

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