Make a Sock Messy Bun On Straight Hair Step By Step

Straight hairs are considered as the best element for the bun hair style. In this hair style we use a sock rolled on to form the doughnut shape and then we bind the hairs around it. Today we are bringing this tutorial to make sock messy bun.

First comb all your hairs at your back to make them straight if they are little fuzzy.

Now make a regular pony tail which you do regularly and try to keep the height a bit higher for the perfect shape.

Now roll the sock to make the doughnut and put it around the elastic which you have used in creating the pony tail.

Take out all the hairs within the loop and wrap them around the bunch.

Hide the little tail left into the huge bun.

You will be having some hair leftovers at your face. In case you have pull them on sides or preferably over the ears.

Your sock messy bun hairstyle is ready and all that it required is a sock and straight hair and all your efforts which you have performed so nicely.

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