Romantic Cute Heart Nail Art Design

Nail art designs are plenty in number these days. But if you wish to create a romantic cute heart nail art design onto your nails then you must have designs that are close to them. On an occasion of Valentines Day if you have to go out with your friends or with someone special you can try and create a unique style onto your nails that will not just look stylish but even commendable.

How to create a Romantic cute heart nail art design onto your nails? Well the answer is simple.

Apply a base coat onto your nails with a very light shade.

Apply a light coloured nail paint on the base coat.

Take a good quality nail polish and make little hearts on a few fingers or all fingers depending upon what you wish to create.

Make sure the hearts that you make on the lighter coloured nail polish are contrast or a good match with the colour.

Leave it to dry off and then see.

You will feel the difference once the cute heart nail art idea is implemented onto your nails. You will feel good about it.

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