Big Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

If you are tired of making buns, simple ponytails, French knot and wish to create something different and still look great then the big bubble ponytail hairstyle is just meant for you.

The big question is how to create this hairstyle? Follow the following few steps to make this hairstyle.

If your hair is wavy or curly apply a smoothing balm on it and if they are straight then apply a texturing paste. Blow dry your hair first.

Make a high ponytail by sweeping away all the hair back. Secure it with a rubber band. Use a hair spray on your hair.

Create a lot of volume and texturise your hair well. Tease your ponytail so that your hair gains more volume. You may use a paddle brush to lift up your hair.

Add a clear elastic or a rubber band at intervals in your ponytail so that it is visible.

A bubble like finished hairstyle will be created at the end.

So it is clear that when you do not wish to make the same kind of hairstyles you can definitely try this one out and look still different and gorgeous.

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