Summer Bun Ready in 2 Minute

Summer is in and it’s easy to make a quick bun in just 2 minutes times. This hairstyle is quick to make and looks neat and perfect when it comes to tying your hair. It is for the relaxed and a super fun look. If there is less time to catch up with and you need to make a quick and easy hairstyle in which you look perfectly grounded then a bun ready in 2 minutes can be created without any fuss.
How to create a quick bun-

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Make a ponytail from your hair first.

Tie a top knot from your ponytail.

Using bobby pins, hair sprays, tail comb and a ponytail holder to secure your hair is what is required to create this hairstyle.

Twist your hair into a floral structure in such a way that a bun is created quickly.

This hairstyle is stunning and extremely simple to make. It has a floral quality with a good texture and looks like a romantic bun that is created in just 2 minutes time. It looks like tangled ivy and a secret garden lush that is created with immense care and looks stunningly beautiful.

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