Powerful Home Remedies for Faster Natural Hair Growth

Poor hair health is one of the crucial problems that women are facing now a day. Previously it hair fall used to be a sign of ageing but now it is common among all ages due to the increased pollution and stress levels. With the rise of chemical products we prefer to use them adequately because of the quick results we see and which is another factor for decreasing hair health.

If you want to try homemade natural remedies for this problem then you can choose among the following choices that we are about to share.

Onion Juice: Onion juice is the most ancient and trusted remedy for the hair problems. You need to chop the onion in small pieces and then take out the juice. Apply the juice to your scalp and rinse it with the shampoo after 15 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Vinegar is believed to be most effective for the healthy scalp which in turn maintains the hair growth. You need to mix 75 ml of apple cider vinegar in 1 liter water to make the solution. Apply it to your scalp and later on wash it with fresh water.

Egg Mask: This remedy is most common among all cultures and countries across the world. You need to bring out the white of and egg and mix it with olive oil or honey to make the paste. Apply it on to your hairs to give a hair mask and then rinse it off after 20 minutes using shampoo.

Potato Juice: This is the remedy most people are not aware about. Potato scalp is rich in vitamin A, B and C. Put potato in extractor to bring out the juice and apply it directly to your scalp. After some time you can wash your hairs with fresh water.

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