Nice Expert Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrow makeup is part of the eye makeup. When you want to make your eyes look good and impactful you do a number of things from applying kajal to eye liner, to doing up your eyelashes and eye brow as well. A number of items are required for an expert eyebrow makeup such as the eyebrow pencil, brush, comb, plucker, colour powders, thread for threading. To begin with you need to get your eyebrows cleaned by removing all the extra hair around it from threading. Threading is the method from which you can create neat eyebrows at once.

Plucker is also used to pluck all the extra hair around the eyebrows. You then comb the hair of your eyebrows with a separate comb to make them go in one direction. Colour powders are also used to enhance the colour of your eyebrows by applying a particular colour of powder on it. At last you make use of eyebrow pencil. It is usually the same colour of your eyebrows so that the colour matches with it and you can simply enhance the colour of your brows with your face. Your eyebrows once set will give you a clean and tidy look on your face.

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