5 Simple Tricks to Get Glowing Skin In Summer

Its summer time with weather in its full form of giving you heat. In this season it is really very difficult to give proper attention to your skin to make in glowing all the day. All your cosmetic products become helpless against the heat and temperature around with all those pollution factors.

Today we are sharing with you some simple tricks that you can follow to get the glowing skin back even in the summers.

Aquatic-Therapy: Nothing works better than water against the heat. You are required to cool your body temperature with proper intake of liquid products like juices and salads. Green tea is one another source which rich in anti-oxidants and keeps your skin fresh.

Diet: Your diet should be low in fat or salt. Excess salt causes the dehydration in body hence you should prepare your diet to give you adequate liquid in the form of solid foods. Cucumber, Watermelon and orange are some of the things you can include. If you are non-veg avoid the meat as much as possible.

Sunscreen: We have sunscreen as the protective shield against all such factors which are hard towards our skin. Always apply sunscreen about 20 minutes prior to stepping out of the house. Sunscreen prevents your skin against the darkening or skin damage along with protection from UV rays also.

Steam: Taking a steam bath opens up all your closed pores and removes the dirt which is deep inside your skin. Taking steam bath once or twice in a week is pretty much effective to keep your skin more live and more glowing.

Exercise: Nothing match better than exercise for your overall body health. You can adopt simple yoga or exercise early in the morning which releases the toxins from your skin.

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