Amazing Natural Lip Mask for Pigmented Lips - Home Remedies

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Pink soft and even lips are like fantasy for most of the girls because of the unwanted pigmentation. You have tried many artificial products and beauty tips to get it cleared but all in vain. Today we are going to till you few natural ways to create the perfect mask for the pigmented lips and you can smile more confidently with you natural pink lips. For this we will be requiring, beetroot, rose water, rose flower leaves, milk and vegetable peeler.

1. First wash the beetroot with water and then you need to take out the outer skin using the vegetable peeler.

2. Cut it in small pieces and put in the mixture. Mix it till you see some water within the mixture container, you need not to add any water.

3. Now you need to add a tablespoon of milk into the beetroot juice. We already know the benefits of milk over our skin.

4. Now add a tablespoon of rose water along with some rose petals into the beetroot and milk mixture. Rose water moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft.

5. We have put all the ingredients; all we require now is to mix everything well using the spoon.

6. Once done, your lip mask is ready and you should keep it in cold place. Use any old container of either lip balm or any facial cream.

7. Using the cotton swab you can apply it gently to your lips and see the magic happen. You need to keep the mask on for about 20 minutes.

This way you have given your lips the natural pink outfit. Over the regular use of this homemade lip mask you will see the pigmentation getting light day by day.

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