Irritated By Unwanted Facial Hair? Rid of Facial Hair Naturally Permanently

Having unwanted hairs over the body parts is the common issue among the women all around the world. Although hair waxing and shave options are available but some areas like upper lips, cheeks, stomach should not be waxed or shaved because it will create the hair grow more rapid. The solution of this hormonal imbalance lives in your kitchen itself. We are sharing with you common homemade remedies to get rid of these unwanted hairs.
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Sugar: Mix some sugar particles along with the lemon juice and water to prepare a mixture is perfect exfoliating element against the unwanted hairs. This mixture can also gives you the bright and glowing skin. Apply the mixture to the infected areas and then wash it off using the water.

Sugar with honey: Add a spoonful of sugar into lemon juice and honey. Heat the mixture for around 20 minutes to get the thick paste and apply it to the areas of unwanted hair. Then scratch it off once it gets dry, it is similar to waxing but in natural way.

Turmeric: In Indian wedding ceremony we rub turmeric to the skin of groom to make it fairer. Turmeric stops the hair growth and can remove the unwanted hair pretty easily. You can use it by mixing with milk or rose water and prepare a thick paste. Apply it to the hairy areas and wash it off after some time.

Egg white: Break the egg and separate that yellow thing from the gel. Now mix some corn flour and sugar in the white part and then properly blend it. Apply it as a face mask and then peel it off after 20 minutes. Following that you need to wash it off with water.

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