Mohawk Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Mohawk braid is one of the creepiest hair styles I have seen. I love doing it because it involves the perfect skill set and your patience to finish it till the end. If you directly see the pictures you might puzzle yourself and that’s the reason we are giving this step by step tutorial.

Firmly comb your hairs using either the hair brush or comb towards the back and keep them straight.

Now pick a bunch of hairs right at the top and fold them back to hand on to your face.

You need to apply elastic to hold them together.

Now put all the leftover hairs in one place and tie them along picking some random hairs from the bunch.

This way we will be having two bunches of hairs, one at the top and one hanging behind.

Now remove the elastic from the first bunch and divide it into 4 small parts using your fingers.

Now you need to create the braid from these 4 small parts by passing them along and crossing with one other.

The length of the braid will continue till the hairs length and when finished it will be lying over the below tail.

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