Fireworks Glitter Nails Design Step By Step

Fireworks Nail art are very exciting and unique way to design your nails.Let Your Nail Art Burst With Fireworks with Glitter.Today's nail art will be colorful and unique even everyone want to try this. Just like fireworks It's quick and easy to do. Hope you'll like this tutorial. Let's have a look. To make this nail art you need to have some things like different nail polishes, a thin painting brush and glitter polish with top coat.So what are you waiting for just start painting your nails.

1. Apply a base coat of White color polish.

2. Draw horizontal lines on nails with blue polish as shown in pictures with have some gap.

3. Now apply red color polish next to blue color polish.

4. After all done apply a glitter polish in between the two polishes you already applied as pictured.

5. Apply a top coat for smoothness.You are done.

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