Easy Summer Braided - Ponytail Hairstyle Step By Step

This is the perfect hairstyle for summer time hot afternoons. This is a brilliant combination of braid along with ponytail. Today we are going to learn this cool hair style with this step by step tutorial.

First comb your hairs down the length to make them straight and smooth for any picking any hairstyle.

In the middle put the hairs together using the elastic while leaving some hairs on both sides around the ears.

This way we will be having a ponytail lying behind and two bunches of hairs on either side of head.

Now pull the hairs from both sides and cross these rights above the elastic to make the cross action.

This way you will be wrapping the hairs around the elastic and pin it under the bunch using the hair pin.

Now your elastic of pony will be completely disappeared and you will be having a firm and freely hanging ponytail along with braided crosses.

Practice the same hairstyle so as to gain the perfection and once you are good at it you will be feeling much more comfortable doing this.

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