Do a Bouffant Hairstyle Step By Step

Bouffant hair style is one of the masterpiece in hair styling and it suites to all faces. Bouffant hair style hardly takes 10 minutes to get into the complete finish. Today we are taking this tutorial on making a bouffant hairstyle. We will be going step by step covering each single and necessary step.

It is always good to start by combing your hairs. It will make your hairs smoother and easy to put into desired shape.

Put some hair spray so as to make your hairs shine and to make them a bit wet.

Now pick the hairs around your ears from both sides and tie a knot exactly at the center or your head.

Knot is just crossing hairs and then keeping them affix with the help of beautiful hair clip.

To the rest of the hairs, comb them all back to make clear and remove any mess.

This way your very own masterpiece of bouffant is ready and you are almost done for the today’s party. Pick up the most suitable wardrobe from your

collection and rock the event with your extra charming personality.

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