Flip in Hair Different Look Hairstyle

Do you also feel uncomfortable with the short length hairs and want to have long hairs. Hair extensions can be the solution for your problem but that includes adding glue and clips to keep the hairs in place. Many a times this traditional method doesn’t works as applying glue or clips is not an easy task. To tackle this problem, there is one more smooth solution available to help you out and it is flip in hair. Today we will tell you how to apply flip in hair.

Flip in hair are the hair extensions which are already attached to a wired string which can be attached to your head beneath the original hairs.

Put the flip in hairs holding wire across your head.

Now using the comb put some hairs around the hair string to get it disappeared in the rest of hairs.

Comb all your hairs down the length to see the complete extension.

This way you have clearly and cleverly extended your hairs from short to a good looking length. This flip in hair also comes in various color shades which you can use to create the multi-color patch between the original hairs.

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