French Fishtail Braid Tutorial on Yourself

French fishtail is braid is the trendy hair style tutorial and it has got its name from its evolution i.e. from France. Fishtail braid is a little fluffy as compared to the normal braid and looks so gorgeous. So today we will be doing this tutorial on making French fishtail braid. We assume that you are absolute beginner hence try to cover each necessary step.

First comb your hairs and guide them towards one particular side either left of your head or right side.

Apply the hair spray to make them a bit wet and easy to handle.

Now pick the hairs in small bunches and start creating the fishtail braid.

In fishtail braid we have so many cross points which makes is attractive.

This goes till the final tip of the tail and in the end apply elastic to hold hairs in place so that they doesn’t get loose from the braid.

When you are done with all this, make your braid a little fluffier by pulling the hair bunches a bit apart.

Your French fishtail braid is ready and you are free to have it either on your left shoulder or the right one.

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