Low Chignon Bun Hairstyles for Night Party

Chignon bun is the very powerful and attractive hairstyle for the party night. It starts with basic ponytail and transformed into the awesome bun which is placed right at the back of your head. Today we are taking this tutorial on transforming from simple straight hairs to the very trendy and unique low chignon bun hair style. This is called as low chignon because of the position of bun is nearly close to your neck.

First we will be combing our hairs to make hairs straight and smooth for easy handling and shaping.

Put elastic across the hairs to make the regular ponytail.

Now fold back the ponytail upwards and pass it between the hairs.

This way you will be having your elastic hidden between the turns.

Make few more turns to completely roll the ponytail and fix it within the hairs.

This gives you look similar to having the cap on your head.

So this is done perfectly and you can pick the best matching outfit for the night party. As you have sizzling hairstyle, you can enjoy with lot more confidence and fun mood.

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