Colorful Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Tutorial with Hair Chalk

If you are not choosing hair colors to adopt the most coloring effects then hair chalk can be a good alternative. It is easy to apply and removes so fast along with no worry about the natural color damage. Today we will be making the fishtail braid in multiple colors and for coloring we are using hair chalk. I hope you know what is fishtail braid? If you already know then it is good for you and if not then nothing to worry coz we will be telling you from the beginning.

First apply the hair chalk to your hairs to give them the colors.

You can choose the multiple colors to give the multiple and more attractive shade.

Now pick a thin collection of hairs and cross them around to build the foundation of fishtail braid.

Go ahead with this step and complete it till the end.

You will go this way creating a fine tuned and very neat prepared fishtail braid.

In the end elastic is required to hold hairs in place and to avoid them being splitted again.

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