Relaxed Perm Hairstyle For Long Hair

We have named this hairstyle as relaxed perm as it doesn’t require any kind of tough fold and crossing of hairs. Here we keep the hairs gently resting on to your shoulders and back of neck. This is preferably suitable for long hairs and pretty easy to apply.

When you have done with the bath gently dry your hairs.

Split them in multiple parts or we can say no need to put them together along let them free the way they are.

But for easy handling comb the hairs to make them more smooth and clean.

Now using the hair straightener try to give some curls on to the hairs which are lying close to your face side. On both sides you should have little curled hairs which give this hairstyle perfect idea.

The same way pass the hair straightener to all the trailing hairs.

You will be having two partitions on to your head one goes towards left of your face while other goes to the right.

Your relaxed perm hairstyle is perfectly matched with you long hairs and you have achieved yet another cool idea to prepare yourself.

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