How to Repair Split Ends? - Home Remedies

Hairs are the essential body parts because of their contribution toward our beauty and styling. But hairs require a lot more care and treatment to keep them as beautiful as always. One of the major problems that every other girl faces is the split ends. Split ends are because of the lack of protein and nutritional value in our body. We try many chemical and market available products to cure this problem but nothing seems to be working efficient and on the other hand these are costly too.

Today we will be dealing with this problem and will find some natural homemade solution. Egg has a vital role towards hair related problems and our home remedy includes it.

You need to break two eggs into the bowl.

Now you can either mix almond oil/olive oil and honey to prepare the hair mask.

If you don’t have such things available you can simply add water into it to prepare a paste.

Now apply it to your hairs and let it set for around 30-40 minutes.

You need to wash off with the normal water.

Repeat it once in a week and soon you will feel the improvements.

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