Hot Oil Treatments for Your Weak Hair Grow Faster

Hair gives you style and make your personality more attractive. If anyone wants a makeover then definitely hairs are the first priority to experiment with. Everyone love its hairs whether boy or girl no one wants weak hairs. So, if your hairs are weak then let’s make then stronger by following this method: -

Material that you need is olive oil, jojoba oil, apple cider vinegar and egg.

Mix all the material, firmly. And make sure that not lumps with be there in the solution.

Now let’s wet your hairs with Luke warm water. And be careful that water is not hot and cold.

Apply the oil to your hairs gently. Make sure that each and every strand of your hair has the oil. Use this oil from root to the tip.

After applying oil, cover your hair with the aluminum foil. And use shower cap over it so that foil will not move when you move your head.

Leave it for an hour or two then wash hairs with regular shampoo.

Now your hair will be nourished after this treatment and you love it.

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