Arabian Princess Bun Hairstyle Step By Step

Arabian princess bun is the most cute hairstyle that you can choose to look special on any event. We will be taking this step by step tutorial to make you learn Arabian princess bun. It starts with ponytail and goes through bun and braids.

First you need to comb your hairs to get them straight and smooth for easy handling.

Now you need to make a simpler ponytail, keep it high on the top of your head.

Now split the ponytail in two sections.

Wrap up the upper portion and fold it back on to the elastic of the ponytail.

You need to fix it there itself making a bun.

Some hairs you need to wrap around the bun to make it strong and tough to loosen.

Now pick the hairs that are left behind from the ponytail as a section.

You need to make braids using these hairs and wrap it around the already set bun on the top.

You have you Arabian princess bun ready to be shown. This is elegant because of the bun in the centre braid around it as boundary.

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