5 Strand Braid Headband for Long hair

This hairstyle is all about strands where we will be making multiple stands. Further we will be placing the stands to make it even more decent and gorgeous. When we make little braids from a pick of hairs it is called as strand. We will be telling you step by step covering all the steps so follow along so that you don’t miss anything.

First you need to comb your hairs back to your back.

This will make your hairs straight and smooth for easy handling and caring.

Now from the sides pick up few hairs using which we will be preparing strands.

Using the same approach you need to create 4 more strands so a total of 5 strands required for this style.

Now from the sides you need to wrap the strand all over the top so that it passes from the middle of the head but make sure to land it behind the ears on both sides.

Follow this for all rest of the strands and tie them in the end.

This way you have completed your headband using absolutely stands, isn’t it looks awesome?

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