Cute Top Bow Hairstyle Step By Step

Its work of art when you turn your hair into a different style every time and create a beautiful hairstyle. Something like a cute top bow hairstyle. Here we shall talk about how to create this particular hairstyle. Instead of making use of a ribbon to create a bow simply make a top bow out of your hair. Start styling your hair into silky long by brushing them straight using a good quality brush is the first priority. Then you need to tease your hair and make them fluffy so that a bow can be created easily.

Brush the top side of your hair and make a ponytail. Then using hair sprays, bobby pins and a tail comb brush your hair in such a way so that a bow is created on the top side of your front hair. It will give a cute baby like look or look simply girlish and stylish. You may try this hairstyle at all times and especially in some college function. It will go well with frocks and skirts. You can tend to create similar hairstyles if required. Just make sure you use good quality hair sprays and hair gels before you style them into a bow.

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