How to Color Your Lips Pink with Beetroot? - Home Remedies

Cosmetic takes a huge monetary portion of your budget, and sometimes it will hassles budget too. Reddish lips, gives you a gorgeous girl look always. If you want red lipstick, then why don’t you try this DIY? It will give the baby soft lips in just ten bucks or less. And gives you the equally lavish red lips, which any costly lipstick gives. In addition to this it will also remove the dark lip pigmentation. Follow these simple steps and you will get baby pink lips:-

1. Ingredients that are required half medium sized beetroot, coconut oil or beeswax, mixer, strainer, and one small container.

2. Wash beetroot with water and peel off the hull of it. Cut into small pieces and grind the beetroot. Stop when some liquid comes out of them. Do not mix water into it that will dilute the color.

3. Pour the beetroot juice into some clean and well sanitized containerto abstain bacterial infection. You can do this with detergent or alcohol.

4. Add one teaspoon of coconut oil into beetroot juice to give it some smoothness. And if you have a problem with smell of coconut oil, then you unscented coconut oil. You can also you beeswax or Vaseline in place of coconut oil. It’s important to add this otherwise, it becomes flaky and dry on your lips. It’s also important to maintain the proper ratio or juice and coconut oil.

5. After blending both the ingredients put the container in the fridge to give it hardness. And always keep it in cool place, especially in summer to make long lasting.

Apply it in the morning and evening, after a week you will have soft and pink lips. It became red after 10 minutes of applying it.

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