How to Do French Manicure and Pedicure at Home - Must Check!

Generally, people do the least efforts for their feet. But less pampered feet shows the downside of our personality. So, if you want to uplift your personality, then you definitely need to do some pampering for your feet. Let’s make it an easy and quick task for you, if you don’t want to waste hours in the parlor.

1. First, you collect the entire thing that you need for a pedicure. A big tumbler, body oil, pumice stone, Epsom salt, nail paint remover, filer, concealer brush, cotton, white nail paint, lotion, toe spacers and fresh towels.

2. Put warm water in a tumbler, add some Epsom salt or shampoo. Place your feet in it, keep for some time. During soaking, scrub gently your feet with a pumice stone.

3. Massage your feet gently with body oil. Now trim your nails to remove dead skin. Don’t forget to be careful while trimming.

4. If you have any nail color already on your nails, then remove it with remover and cotton. Now, apply white nail paint on the top of your nails. And apply one more coat while first one dries completely.

5. If your nails, paint become messy then take a concealer brush, dip in acetone and remove that eyesore. Be easy while doing this. Nail paint gives your feet a classy look.

6. Second coat takes much time for drying, then first coat. So leave it for some minutes. And if you want to make it long lasting and durable, dip your feet into cold water.

7. In last use clear polish and apply it on your nails. Now you are done with your pedicure.

Now, after this pampering your feet look fabulous, and add the glory to your personality.

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