Homemade Sugar Scrubs with Essential Oils

Using nature as your beauty expert is the best thing. Especially when it comes to your face, nature is better than using chemical products. Scrubbing is the best thing for having a fresh skin, because it exfoliates the dead skin cells which hide the beauty in you. Here, we are sharing 10 sugar based scrub which helps you revive your beauty: -

1. Add coarse sugar with fine white sugar, coconut oil and cucumber juice. Sugar deep cleans your skin, oil nourishes it and cucumber helps in toning.

2. Mix granulated sugar with mint juice and almond oil. And one drop of peppermint oil. This scrub gives you smooth and bright skin.

3. Sugar mix with potato juice and milk cream. Apply this mixture on your face in circular motion. It removes tannin.

4. Coconut oil, Rose petals, jojoba oil and sugar, blend all these products. This will give you nourished and glowing skin, with the beautiful scent of rose.

5. Add sugar, lemon juice and honey became a great scrub for you. Apply it gently in circular motion, make your glowing.

6. Oatmeal powder, almond oil with sugar magically cleans your skin. Almond oil will help you in adding shine to your skin.

7. Few drops of lavender oil in mixture of sugar and almond oil. This blend will give you a soft and shining skin with a pinch of wonderful smell.

8. Now let’s try some fruity scrub, mix sugar with coconut oil, mango puree and orange juice. This scrub gives you the glowing skin in just few minutes.

9. Mix sugar with crushed almonds, honey and lemon juice. See the magic after using it.

10.Sugar, olive oil, lemon juice and orange zest mix them all together. It gives you shine and give heavenly smells.

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