Twisted Rope Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial Step By Step

Give your hairs a new romantic ponytail hair style which is as fashionable as your wardrobe and will definitely create the chaos among the audience you are going to move around. Rope twist high ponytail hairstyle takes your hairs as rope and tie them around to create a thick braid which is so lovely to aspire. You might be thrilled considering the steps involved in achieving this, don’t panic it is not that hard and we are going to make you do this at your own.

Before you begin it is good to comb the hairs to make them smooth.

Now make a regular ponytail grabbing all your hairs in one bunch.

Now divide the ponytail in two and twist them around.

Keep changing the sides for both sections to produce a thick and bold looking braid.

Go on till the end of the ponytail and in the end don’t forget to tie an elastic band to hold the rest of the hairs.

Congratulations!! You are done. I hope it is not that complicated as you were expecting and you are pretty happy with your own performance in learning this.

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