Do New 3D Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

You might have seen various pony tail hair styles and many of them also included braided tails but the one that we are going to teach you is different from all and creates and unique 3D rounded braid which is so cool to adopt.

You need to collect all your hairs and make a regular ponytail.

Now pass your fingers in ponytail and make 4 portions out of that.

Now using your other hand grab 2nd and 4th portion and flip 1st and 3rd of them along to convert into 3rd and 4th respectively.

Repeat the same step, first pick the 2nd and hold it in between your thumb and forefinger and portion 4 between forefinger and middle finger. Now portion 1st goes between middle finger and ring finger and last and 3rd portion goes between ring finger and little finger.

Continue the same till the bottom of the tail.

At the end secure the braid end with the help of elastic band.

It is done, your very unique and special French 3D ponytail is hanging with the 3D effect and will be very much appreciated by everyone.

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