Makeup for Tired Face

So you had a tough schedule today and right now feeling tired which can easily be seen on to your face. One of the remedy to look fresh out of this tiredness is to give you a quick makeover. In this makeover you should included washing and scrubbing your face, applying lipstick and having some eye makeup also to look livelier.

Start by washing your face and apply your favorite moisturizing cream to bring out the freshness.

You can create a face pack of the cream and can leave it for a while then wash it off with normal water.

Now if possible have a light rose water spray on to your face which will hydrate your skin and will make a perfect canvas to go ahead with the makeup.

Now grab the lipstick and have a gentle lipstick makeover, don’t forget to apply lip balm before putting lipstick.

Now it’s turn for the eyes, give them a dark outlook by drawing outline using the eye liner just above and below the both eye lashes.

Now you are feeling fresh and your face is appealing an energetic you which was dull before due to tiredness.

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