One Side Waves Steps

Having hairs sideways is one of the exotic and glamorous hair styles. This you have usually seen on popular models or actresses but you can also have this because it is fairly simple and rest of the work we have done to prepare this tutorial for you.

Comb your hairs and just put them to one side of your neck and apply a hair clip to hold the hairs in place.

Now have some hairs from the bunch and put them across over the clip to make the locking scheme.

This way you will be having your hairs waving on one side while the other side is clear enough.

Make sure to properly use the hair clip so that it doesn’t loosen up in the middle.

Now use the hot hair press to give some curls.

Curls in the hairs give them more advanced and fashionable trend.

Your one side wavy hair style is ready to shine and now you need to pick the appropriate dress to fill the colors for the evening party. You can try this on either side of your face according to your own preference.

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