Purple Color For Your Lids - Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eyes are said to be the most beautiful part of our human body. With the makeup and beauty tips we can make them look even more beautiful. In this tutorial on makeup and beauty we are sharing with you step by step procedure on how to apply your favorite color to your eye lids to look even more gorgeous and it is so simple that you can master this skill even in the first attempt.

Here we have picked up purple as the color for the eye lids. If you have any other preference or choice of color then you can surely go with that.

Pick the brush and start putting light purple color just above your upper lash line i.e. on to your eyelid.

Gently apply the color starting from the right corner and as it moves along the left edge we will be making it a bit thicker.

To make it darker around the corners we will pick the black. Same way use the brush to apply it onto your eye.

For the lower lash line, pick even more pointed brush and apply same way.

Here we will not be touching the right edge while painting and keeping it light in shade.

Your beautiful eyes are now even more beautiful with this purple flash.

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