Sunrise Nail Art Tutorial

Seeing the sunrise is pretty much encouraging all the time. How about carrying a sunrise on each of your nail?? Yes you guessed it right; we are talking about sunrise nail art. In this tutorial we will make you learn on how to draw sunrise nail art in simple steps.

We will be starting by applying a light color base to the nails.

Now make a gradient of colors on a small piece of sponge.

Apply this gradient to your nail, slowly and gently in rolling motion.

Repeat the above step 4-5 times to make the gradient more solid and colorful.

Now apply fuschia polish in cloud shape.

Now we will be drawing more serious clouds with dark color.

For better look apply a black strip on the top edge of the nail.

Now topcoat with appropriate enamel to blend the color combination.

Apply this gradient to all of your nails and make full landscape scenery of sun rising right from your nails. Now once you have mastered in this, you can tell this cool nail art to the people around and make them amaze about your knowledge about beauty and fashion.

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