Matte Nail Polish Design Step By Step

Black is the favorite color of many ladies. It’s cool, dark and mysterious. It adds an enigma to your personality. Black nail polish creates a sophisticated look. It makes you appear poised and self-assured. The color is associated with elegance and is perfect for formal occasions. Follow these steps to get an ingenious matte nail polish design-

Apply black nail polish all over the nail.

Put a very thin strip of paper diagonally across the nail. Apply a slight pressure while placing the strip so that when you remove it, you can get an engraving. Repeat the same with another similarly sized strip of paper in the opposite direction so that the two strips dissect each other at the center.

Cover the entire nail with similar strips to create a chessboard pattern. Remember to apply pressure.

Remove the strips to get an embedded crisscross pattern.

With these steps, you can create this distinctive but very simple design. This look is perfect for work, seminars and official events. It is also good for night events where you should be seen in dark colors. With your impeccable style, you can be the center of attention at any event.

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