Long Crimped Hairstyles Tutorial

Before we proceed on this tutorial first let us explain what a crimp is? Have you seen girls with long loose hair which seems like waves or have such small curls to feels like a running stream of water? Have you ever wondered are they natural or modified to look this way. Well in our case we will say those are modified to look that way and if you are curious to know about how they are made then you are reading right as we are going to take tutorial on making a crimped hairstyle. One of the primary requirements in adopting this hairstyle is that your hairs should be long enough.

First comb your hairs to make them straight and smooth.

Now divide your hairs into number of sections and from each section make a tiny braid.

Attach elastic at the tip of each braid.

Now using the hair straighter give all the braids a small press.

Now it’s turn to lose all the braids and see the magic.

Congratulations!! Your simple straight hairs are converted into beautiful crimps and you are the perfect hairstylist for yourself in achieving this.

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