Nail Art Feather Design Step By Step Tutorial

Have you imagined how your nails will be looking like in a feathery nail art? If not then give it a two minute thought to create the required thrill and then we will see it in practical itself. Today we are going to take your tutorial on Nail Art Feather design. Also if you are complete beginner to this nail art and designs, no need to feel horrified as we will be going step by step, giving your necessary explanation on each step.

Feathers have a color palette which is a collection of multiple colors. Same we will be having as a background.

Either you can create this color pattern on to the sponge and then put that upside down on to your nails or alternatively going with the tough approach you can directly create the pattern on your nails.

Before this nail paints dries up, pick up a real feather and put it back onto your nail for some time.

As it will populate the necessary lines and mixing it with the parent colors.

Congratulations!! Now you are carrying a feather on your each nail and it just looks fabulous.

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