Colourful Geometry Nail Art Polish and Tutorial

Remember the most haunting subject of geometry from your secondary high school level and those figures which were enough to give you sweat even in the winters. But since now we have grown up and now geometry has been modified to entertain us in a different way. Yes you got it right, we will be drawing geometry shapes on to your nails in this tutorial. We will be following bar graphs which are simple color rectangular blocks.

First apply a thin layer of the base coat so as to remove the nail polish easily afterwards.

Now gently apply the purple nail paint on to your nails. Be it evenly spread without leaving any void.

Now choose pink and draw a thick solid color filled rectangular on left half of the nail.

When you are done with this on each nail, pick the black nail paint.

Using the black, draw almost identical in shape rectangular slight short in height.

Your geometry is ready to be read through your nails. Here we have used bar graphs, whereas you can use the shapes as per your ease and control over drawing.

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