Pink - Pink Nail Polish Tutorial

If you are choosing to wear pink for the day and not sure what nail art you should go with then nothing can be more superior and fashionable than the matching pink nail polish. We will be doing simple nail art with some little fancy work which will enhance the overall look.

First apply the base coat to your nails. It is always good to use base coat so as to avoid the damage caused by the colors to the natural nails.

Now grab the pink nail paint from your collection and apply it evenly on to your nails.

If paint is spreading over to your skin, no need to bother as we can remove that pretty easily as we will be finishing.

Now select the black nail paint and put a floating dot near the bottom. The dot is similar to a leaf but quite smaller in shape and size.

Now draw two curls upwards, one from each side of the do and make it even darker at the end.

Similarly draw two downward curls and make them finish by the boundary.

Now one thing left is the lipstick, you can go with the pink matching lipstick to look even more gorgeous.

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