Perfect Curve Shape Nail Art Design and Tutorial

Drawing a perfect curve on to your nails can be a tough job and not everyone among us is capable of doing that. But if you follow this tutorial that we are going to take, surely you will be among those who are masters in creating curves in nail art designs.

First apply a thin layer of base coat on your nails, so as to protect them against the nail paint chemicals.

Now gently apply white nail polish on to your nails, covering them in full.

Pick the black nail paint and draw a curvy line in the middle.

This line will be the separating boundary between two colors.

Fill lower side of the line with solid black nail paint and leave the upper portion as it is.

Once you are done with it, apply the top coat so as to protect it for a considerable time and as I hope such a beautiful art you are not going to vanish so easily.

Now let’s get back to your point, you please say now. Are you able to draw perfect curve on to your nails or not? No doubt your answer is yes and that means you have learned it quite perfectly.

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