How To Get Amazing Nails With Cool Design – Tutorial


This nail art is possibly the easiest and quickest nail design you can do. This nail art doesn't require any extra time, tools,any kind of tapes and different nail paints. The entire design is done in few minutes to do on both hands. It’s a design that is perfect for any occasion.Just require to remember some points like Too many snowflakes on one nail look a bit messy. For silver snowflakes use textured nail polish it will give more shine to nail art.


Apply 2 coats of base color.Let it dry completely.

Apply quick dry top coat.

Using a thin striping nail art brush, dip into the silver nail polish, paint 3 intersecting lines as shown in picture to create a star shape.

Add 2 more lines, like branches, at the end of each line as pictured(4th).

Add 2 small branches on every second line. They should be halfway between the center of the snowflake and the end of the branches. Repeat this pattern on ring finger.

Apply same steps to other nails and make a nail art as shown in picture.You are done.

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