How To Make Koala Nails – Tutorial

Nail Art's are really in trend these days.So we show you the best and best nail art tutorial with pictures for your ease.Must try the tutorial and see the result, you will really have fun and entertainment. Today we have Another cute animal nail design - Koala. A simple, cute, and beautiful koala design.Hope you like it.Just follow the simple steps given below and enjoy the design:

You Will Need:-
A Jelly glitter polish
Light grey nail polish
Black nail polish
Nail art brush
High gloss top coat

1. Paint all nails with 2 coats of green jelly glitter polish.

2. With a light grey nail polish, paint koala head and ears (a big dot and 2 little dots) on the tips of each nail as shown in picture 2nd.

3. Using a nail art brush, outline the koala’s head and dot their eyes and noses with black nail polish.

4. Wait few minutes to dry completely and seal with a high gloss top coat.

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