How To Make Hair Flower - Tutorial

When you add some pretty accessory in your hair can really bring something special to your most basic style. We have a new look in this style instead of adding an accessory, we created to use your own hair to make a flower. This style is easy to achieve and you don’t need to have long hair to make it work. Perfect for a summer wedding or party for girls, people will surely wondering how you did it.So what are you waiting for try this new look Hairstyle to attract people around you.This would work with straight hair.Follow the steps given below:

1. Comb your hair smooth from the top to prep for your braid.

2. Take some part of hair from any side(right or left) as pictured.Make a simple three strand braid.

3. Roll the braid back up on itself in a clockwise direction.Secure with a few bobby pins.

4. To add some more nice look left the tail of the braid out at the bottom.

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