Faux Bob Hairstyle Tutorial

Bob hairstyle is really in trend these days. There are so many versions of bob hairstyles to try no matter you wear short hair or shoulder.So when you are loving the bob trend, Well we have new hairstyle for you.You’ll be surprised to find out how simple this look really is. just follow the steps below and will ready with a very nice Faux Bob Hair.


1. Start by curling your hair into ringlets.
2. Use the wide-tooth comb to loosen the ringlets.
3. Use the smaller side of the comb to create volume at the crown of your hair.
4. Create a low ponytail and fasten with an elastic band as shown in picture.
5. Then, tuck the ends of the ponytail underneath and secure it with bobby pins.
6. Create small waves near your face for good look and finish with hairspray.

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