Fabulous Nail Art Tutorial

For all nail art lovers, In this post we have found for you a Simple Yet Fabulous Nail Tutorial For Beginners.The steps given are pretty great. If you’re a beginner and create some outstanding nail arts you’re at the right place to be. Although the finished Result looks complicated but it’s not. When you see the step-by-step pictures, you’ll realize how easy it is to be achieved.You don’t have to be very skillful for this nail art. Just follow the steps of these tutorials and make your nails innovative. You can change colors and patterns according to your taste.Take a look:

1. Apply a base color (Black) you can pick other colors also.
2. Then take 2 Scotch tape and put it on your nails Right and upper side.
3. Then added gold Nail Polish as shown in pictures.
4. After that pull the tape off. Do same but this time change the direction of Scotch Tape as shown in pictures.
5. Do same steps on the rest of your nails.You are done.

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