Easy French Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

If you have dense count of hairs on your head then this French twist hair style can be perfectly suitable to you. This hairstyle requires lot more twists and curls which are clearly visible if more hairs are bunched in different groups. Initially seeing the pictures you might puzzle yourself on where to begin but after reading this tutorial you will be pretty confident for the next time that you will not be requiring any guidance.

First you need to divide your hairs in pair of two, right from the middle of head.

Pull first half over your face and leave the rest hanging around your neck.

Now from the back hairs make a thick twist using your hand and fix the hairs at the end using the clip.

Now pull some hairs from the top just over the previous twist and fix them along the binding.

Similarly one more time you need to pull hairs nearby your hairs and this time also it should finish all at the same place.

Now at the common junction try putting a fascinating hair binder or clip to make it perfect fashion.

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